Chris Dunker

Speaking about the nature of his photographs, Dunker said that "subjects described plainly and objectively are just alien enough, the light surreal enough, the moment in time ambiguous enough that the imagery catapults the viewer into a state where conclusions are based in fact but tempered by emotion."

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Willie Holdman

"At this time in is my desire to do portraits of the Earth, to capture the Earth's personality and true character. To experience this phenomena of nature, we must be attentive to the subject. Just as people only reveal themselves on special occasions for people they know and trust, so too, does the Earth save herself for those who respect her and are willing to make the sacrifice and journey off the beaten path. These revealings don't last long, one must be ready and skillful to capture these moments. The result is a photograph that captures the essence of the Earth that has rarely been seen before."

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