Ken Baxter

Ken Baxter is a prominent Utah plein air painter. His brushwork brings life to the rural Utah scenes and landscapes that he likes to paint. He creates a wonderful mood and atmosphere in his paintings with his constant awareness of the sunlight.

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Doug Braithwaite

Utah Plein Air artist, Doug Braithwaite, has been painting since he was old enough to hold a paintbrush. He pursued his love and talent for art and graduated from the University of Utah in 1991. Doug's bold brush strokes have been easily recognized by admirers and collectors.

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Paul Davis

"Paul Davis is a remarkable original painter. He has great sensitivity to conditions of light and a wonderful control of tonal values. This responsiveness to light is the painter's supreme gift."
--Andrew Forge

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Amy Grogan

Amy has been a block printer for over 30 years. Trained at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received a BFA, she also studied with the renowned Khatri brothers from Gujarat state in India with their traditional natural dye methods.

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Tom Howard

Tom Howard was born in Nevada and raised in the Bear River Valley of Northern Utah. During his young life, growing up on a small farm, a love of landscape ensued. It was the flat valley farms and fields, nestled up against the rising hills and mountains that became his first formative visual experiences.

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Susu Knight

"My landscapes reflect a lifetime passion for the American West, especially Southern Utah. My choice of subject reflects my fascination with place - and the occasional out-of-place. I strive for the intimacy and particularity of a portrait, with a mood of tender and sometimes tenderly amused observation. "

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Lenka Konopasek

Lenka Konapasek teaches Art at the University of Utah. She grew up in Czech Republic, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing at the University of Utah, and received her Master of Fine Arts in Portland, Maine.

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Kathy Peterson

Kathy Peterson is a versatile, talented painter. She works in water color, pastel and oil and has become known for her uniquely rendered landscapes, portraits and domestic art. It is obvious from her work that she is moved by the imagery in her own rural but architecturally rich environment.

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Denis Phillips

Denis Phillips, a prominent and accomplished Utah artist, has boldly moved from his earlier representational landscapes to abstract landscapes and pure abstraction. His sense of color, composition and presentation generate an overwhelming appeal of his paintings.

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Bonnie Posselli

Winner of the Arts For The Parks Grand Canyon Purchase Award.
Founding member Plein Air Painters of Utah.
Featured Artist Southwest Art Magazine January 2005
"Once you allow the West to seep into your soul and spirit, it leaves you changed."

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Hadley Rampton

I began painting outside, mainly in the mountains, due to my love of wilderness. The beauty, the peace, the energy of ever-transitory life; it gave me a desire to create and express greater than any other experience I have known.

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Spike Ress

In spite of success as a commercial artist, Ress felt the pull of fine art ever since he first held a brush. He began with a focus on watercolor, a medium he still finds challenging and exciting. After gaining national acclaim as a watercolor artist, Ress added oils to his repertoire.

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Andrzej Skorut

"Clearly, this man knows how to handle a brush - as well as the sticks and textured fabrics he employs to enliven his surfaces"

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Tony Smith

"A number of visionary artists impact the Utah art scene. Among the best is F. Anthony Smith, whose abstract-illusionist acrylics have recently given way to powerful oil landscapes."
--Southwest Art January 2002

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V. Douglas Snow

"Doug Snow's ambience in Southern Utah with its deserts, mountains, and rock formations, hold mammoth power. His paintings reflect that power. They are visionary explorations of air and light....reflecting the unknown on the known. He sees so well."
--Joseph Rafael

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